Press release - FUTURE CITY online game, April 24th 2012

  • 4-24-2012

“Sustainability matters”

CHEMGENERATION presents a unique online game which focuses on environmentally conscious thinking: the FUTURE CITY game.

CHEMGENERATION.COM, founded in 2011, launches an online edutainment game on Facebook. The FUTURE CITY game popularises scientific innovations in an enjoyable way and introduces achievements of science to youngsters in an easy way, which will be essential for preserving the environment and maintaining sustainable development in the future.

The FUTURE CITY game will help to improve young people’s scientific knowledge in ten Central European countries, whilst also shaping their attitudes towards the world and the future.

The campaign has been created by BASF, which is committed to educating new generations in science.

"The CHEMGENERATION.COM education portal is regularly visited by students in over 140 countries, which shows that the young generation is receptive to science; we just need to find the means to attract their interest. That’s why this year we are encouraging them to play,” said Filip Dvorak, Head of Communications & Government Relations, BASF Central Europe. "In the FUTURE CITY game, youngsters can become acquainted with advanced scientific technologies, which are the building blocks of a sustainable future, while playing."

“Join in and build the city of the future”

The FUTURE CITY online game is available on the CHEMGENERATION.COM website and its Facebook fan page. The players' tasks are to build a city in cyberspace, using their imagination and fantasy about the future. Over the course of the game, youngsters will become acquainted with the whole process of urbanisation, and by doing this they will understand important issues of urbanisation, which all developing cities have to cope with. The quiet small town turns into a bustling metropolis in front of their eyes, and the players have to solve various tasks, such as managing green-energy supply, water treatment, waste management or environmentally friendly transport, whilst using the latest scientific innovations. Meanwhile, young people realise that their decisions affect the environment, so over the course of the game they can attain responsible thinking, as well.

Chemgeneration News – the most futuristic innovations at one place!

All innovations, which are introduced over the course of the FUTURE CITY game, are discoveries which are essential to establishing a sustainable future. In order to introduce these innovations and their scientific background to young people in detail, we have started a section on the website called Chemgeneration News, which contains information closely related to the FUTURE CITY game. The articles and videos posted here are available separately or directly from the game, too. In these richly illustrated, interesting articles, readers can get insight into the exciting world of science, for example, we can find out how clothes can clean themselves, how a solar car roof can produce energy or where artificial intelligence has already been used.