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  • 4-19-2012

When clothes clean themselves...

How can a textile clean itself? How can tiny little robots moving in the bloodstream be revolutionary devices of curing? The atoms forming the world, which are controlled by scientists in a special way, make all this possible.
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The most innovative sources of the energy

It is necessary to keep emphasizing, how important alternative sources of energy are to sustain our future. Let's see some imaginative examples, how we can get energy in a creative way.
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Cars of the Future

Light-transmitting roof collecting solar energy, driverless vehicles and flying cars – just a few of the innovations you may see on the roads in the near future.
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Do robots come to life?

Machines have been widely used for a long time in the everyday life. But what if the machines won’t only be physical devices but also intelligent beings which will be able to think?
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