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Chemistry apps on Smartphones

  • 5-17-2013

Chemistry apps on Smartphones

Do you have an android Smartphone that you want to use while learning chemistry? Here we suggest you some free downloadable applications.

Smartphones are not only fun, but can also be used for learning, if you manage to find the right applications. There are a number of applications related to chemistry that can be helpful in preparing for a test. We tested some applications to make the choice easier for you.

For example, if you have problems with reducing equations, you can try the program called "Chemical Equation Balancer", although it's more suitable for solve simple tasks. It treats chemical problems as mathematical ones, so it can’t figure out the end products from starting materials, and it can be easily confused in a minute with a tricky equation containing iodide ions. Therefore, it deserves only a satisfactory mark.

The „Organic Chemistry Visualized” gets the top mark, because it really helps understanding the molecular basis of organic chemistry. It shows bonding systems very well and it constantly moves and turns the molecules so they can be examined from all sides. It’s a really big hit that some important reactions are presented step-by-step making it explicitly clear what results from what and how.

Of course, you can find a lot of applications with the Periodic table, but most of them are just static tables with main data. We would suggest the „Merck PTE HD” version made ​​by the Merck pharmaceutical company, because it includes some interactive solutions. For example, you can test which elements change physical states at different degrees by altering the temperature.

Finally, there is a really useful software called the "Formulae", in which a lot of chemical and mathematical formulas were collected in well-organized groups by the authors. It is excellent for learning functional groups of organic chemistry.

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