Substantial to photography: 35 mm film cassetteSubstantial to photography: 35 mm film cassette


Photography and films technology enables us to record the most important experiences and people in our lives. Chemistry developed the film for all types of traditional cameras. Battery improvements have also contributed to the popularity of the camera, including the 1950s alkaline manganese batteries that were tremendously popular in small cameras with built-in flash unit..

Kodak InstamaticKodak Instamatic

Being able to manipulate film, electronics, and batteries led to the 1963 introduction of Eastman Kodak's popular Instamatic camera with film cartridge that was sold over 50 millions by 1970

Reaction equation of photo development

Reaction equation of photo fixing

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One of the indispensable accessories of photography is the photoflash lamp providing artificial light. Initially, flash was induced by the reaction of magnesium with oxygen. When burning magnesium, a vast amount of light is produced, which enables the users to take photographs.