Farm mechanization

Benjamin HoltBenjamin Holt

Farm mechanization

Agricultural chemistry and farm mechanization have developed together over the last century, and they have dramatically increased farm efficiency and productivity.

The Diesel-oil-powered tractor was developed by Benjamin Holt, the American inventor, in 1904 in conjunction with the need for efficient application technologies for agricultural chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides) and water.

The crawler tractor developed by HoltThe crawler tractor developed by Holt

Today's tractors, cultivators, combines reapers, irrigation machines, computer-based application technology, and sophisticated GPS software are all enabled by chemical innovations, such as petrochemical fuels, structural materials (metal alloys and advanced plastics), tire technology, and computing electronics.

Did you know?

Agriculture today applies software that uses GPS signals to guide tractor drivers along the field while planting and harvesting crops. The software can also be used independently to find out which area has not been covered by the agricultural machine.