The Competition

Make the world a better place with science!

The Future Heroes Science Competition aims to find future young inventors, who are able to creatively apply scientific innovations to implement an environmentally friendly solution. High school student teams have to make a scientific research and create an innovative, sustainable solution that could solve a problem in their local communities. This problem can be the waste of energy in the school or the excessive waste production – the point is that scientific methods have to be used to solve the problem.

If you are excited about the world of science and you think that you could creatively apply the latest discoveries to solve a problem, here is your chance to prove it. Investigate, experiment, try – and if you have found the solution, apply with it to the competition. Be the hero of the future!

Science and sustainability

You certainly heard about the global problems that endanger the whole Earth and humanity. Just to name a few: energy crisis, extremely rapid population growth and urbanization, global climate change and so on. These all affect our everyday lives and certainly it is our responsibility to make a step towards finding a solution for these problems. The aim of the Future Heroes Science Competition is to find the teachers and students who are ready for making changes and are open to implement an environmentally friendly, sustainable solution with the help of science.


In the world of science, solving a small problem often leads to a large scale result. Don’t think that you can’t do anything for a global change, since small actions can make a big difference. As the very frequently repeated slogan says: "Think global, act local". In other words, if you think globally and act locally in your own environment, you can also contribute to make a step forward in the solution of problems. For this reason, we encourage you to take up the fight against waste and environmental damaging stuff at your school! You can also choose a smaller challenge; the only point is that you have to use the latest scientific innovations and your creative ideas to find the solution. Below, you can find many recommended challenges, but you can also choose your own one.

Team work

The Future Heroes Science Competition requires real teamwork. You can be the idea creating, the ever-moving or the creative member as well as the gifted rhetorician; you will have a place in a team for sure, since a variety of talents is needed to do the job well. Make a diverse team of up to 5-members and ask a teacher to be your team leader.

Earn reputation for your school!

The best ideas will be introduced to the public, since, in addition to the valuable prizes, the competition's best teams will have the possibility to take part in a sustainability program for ten countries in 2015, where, on the Innovation Playground, their own sustainable solutions can be presented. This can be a good example for others and it may also trigger changes as well.

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