The Challenge

Your only task is to solve an everyday problem related to sustainability using scientific methods.

At the Future Heroes Science Competition, we expect student teams to solve one of the following problems related to sustainability:


Does your school use too much energy? Reduce the electricity use by saving energy, search for sustainable lighting solutions and introduce renewable energy sources!


Do you also disagree with wasting water? Take action against it! Find out how much water is used in your school and how it could be reduced. Get familiar with biological water treatment methods and reuse water.


Do your school produce a lot of waste? Does the waste end up in the trash without being selected? Introduce selective waste collection and find out a chemical method which can be used to recycle a part of the garbage.


Do you think that there is not enough green space and parks in and around your school? Then it’s time to go green! Make creative solutions, with which you significantly increase the green space in your school, which can be in the classrooms, in the yard or even on the walls. Use biologically self-sustaining solutions.


Do you prefer to breathe clean, fresh air near your school? Then find out smart community solutions that will reduce air pollution from traffic! Use the latest alternative transport solutions offered by science.


Are you bored with school canteen or cafeteria food? Or do you think that could be healthier? Reform students’ eating habits! Grow vegetables and edible plants in the school, or, in order to show the latest scientific innovations, present innovative specialties, which are nutritious and healthy.

Own problem

Did you find other problems related to sustainability that your team want to solve? No problem. You can also enter the competition if your choice is not one of the problems mentioned above, but you chose your own one and you solve it using scientific methods.


How to do it?

1. Find a challenge

Look around in your school and its surroundings. What sticks out that you think could be done in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way? Choose one of the given challenges of the competition or choose an own problem.

Create a team with your friends, and ask one your teachers to be your leader, to register the team for the competition, and to help your work as your mentor.

The team leader teacher can register here »

2. Analyze

Study carefully your chosen problem, reveal the causes, and document what may cause this phenomenon.

3. Explore and prove

If you've found the cause of the problem, you only need to concentrate on the solution. Find out simple things that you can easily change in order to solve the problem. Then, check out what developments offered by our current state of knowledge you could implement.

Articles of Sustainability Handbook can help you getting to know the topics of sustainability and also solving the problems. It is also available for teachers as educational materials: Sustainability Handbooks

4. Take photos, video and present them

Your preparation and implementation works have to be documented with photos and videos. At the end, you have to make a presentation or a short video film that describes the identified problem, the efforts you made to solve the problem and the scientific methods you used.

5. Send us your nomination

If you finished everything, the team leader teacher has to fill in the online application form on the web page, and then send the team’s presentation or video to the e-mail address.

6. Keep your fingers crossed

If you have finished the 5 tasks mentioned above, you have nothing else to do just keep your fingers crossed. A professional jury will evaluate the nominated works, and first we inform your team leader teacher about the results. Then, we also announce the winners on our website and Facebook page.

The reward is that best teams can present their own sustainable solutions on a sustainability program in 2015, which is held for ten countries. At the BASF's Innovation Playground a wider audience can get to know your sustainable solutions.

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