Sustainability Handbook

To help teams prepare for the competition and to present the symbiosis of science and sustainability, we created a handbook for students and teachers.

Our booklet presents the three main future global trends introducing how science give answers to the world's greatest challenges like rapid urbanization, increasing use of energy and mankind’s demand for food.

Some schools will get the printed version of the Sustainability Handbooks, but the electronic version will be available for everyone here, on the website.

Three main chapters in the handbook


Rapid population growth and growing cities challenge researchers. The structure of cities change and their construction methods also become more and more environmentally friendly. It is also important to have clean air and sustainable water management, to which some exciting scientific answers have already been given.

Read about the newest eco-cities, the fantastic future construction methods, the biological water purification and the possibilities of sea water desalination. Get familiar with the consequences of air pollution and how to fight against it with the latest scientific technologies.


Growing population of people requires growing demand for energy, which challenge researchers. Science has developed lots of methods how to innovatively use energy and how to exploit renewable energies in a more efficient way.

Read about the revolution in lighting, the light sources that require less and less power, the almost endless possibilities of alternative energies, and the energy saving and environmentally friendly methods concerning transportation.


Science is also responsible for producing proper quantity and quality food for the planet's growing population, and all this should be done with the lowest possible environmental impact throughout the whole supply chain.

Read about innovative scientific solutions used in the crop production, the next generation of food packaging, and take a look behind the scenes of a future kitchen.

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