Safety instructions

You may work with physical and chemical reactions while implementing your sustainable solution. It is important that everything shall be done under the teacher’s supervision according to the required regulations.

Careful use of equipments

All physical and chemical experiments require attention and caution. All equipments and tools have to be used in the proper way. Don’t give tools of the Magic Box to young children, only you and the members of your team are allowed to use them. Always work accurately, in a clean environment.

Chemistry Experiments: only under the supervision of a teacher

During the implementation of chemistry experiments described in this manual, you can get in contact with various chemicals, some of which are hazardous to health or the environment. For this reason, all experiments have to be carried out according to chemical safety legislation. It is important to know that experiments indicated with red warnings in this manual can be carried out with proper precautions only under the strict supervision of a teacher. Don’t try chemical experiments at home!

Apparel in the Laboratory

  • Always wear appropriate eye protection (i.e., chemical splash goggles) in the laboratory.
  • Wear disposable gloves, as provided in the laboratory, when handling hazardous materials. Remove the gloves before exiting the laboratory.
  • Wear a full-length, long-sleeved laboratory coat or chemical-resistantapron.
  • Wear shoes that adequately cover the whole foot; low-heeled shoes with non-slip soles are preferable. Do not wear sandals, open-toed shoes, open-backed shoes, or high-heeled shoes in the laboratory.
  • Avoid wearing shirts exposing the torso, shorts, or short skirts; long pants that completely cover the legs are preferable.
  • Secure long hair and loose clothing (especially loose long sleeves, neckties, or scarves).
  • Remove jewelry (especially dangling jewelry).
  • Synthetic finger nails are not recommended in the laboratory; they are made of extremely flammable polymers which can burn to completion and are not easily extinguished.

General Work Procedure

  • Know emergency procedures.
  • Never work in the laboratory without the team leader chemistry teacher.
  • Do not engage in practical jokes or boisterous conduct in the laboratory.
  • Never run in the laboratory.
  • The performance of unauthorized experiments is strictly forbidden.
  • Never leave experiments while in progress.

Emergency Procedure

  • Know the location of all the exits in the laboratory and building.
  • Know the location of the emergency phone.
  • Know the location of and know how to operate the following:
    • Fire extinguishers
    • Alarm systems with pull stations
    • Fire blankets
    • Eye washes
    • First-aid kits
    • Deluge safety showers
  • In case of an emergency or accident, follow the established emergency plan as explained by the teacher and evacuate the building via the nearest exit.

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