Basic Rules

Get familiar with the most important rules of the Future Heroes Science Competition. The evaluation will also be done alongside these rules:


Teams have to develop a solution to a locally existing problem which promotes sustainability, meaning that it is energy-saving, environmentally friendly etc. The more the completed projects contribute to increase sustainability, the more points you get.

Implementation and feasibility

The jury evaluates not only the idea, but the implementation as well. Plan a sustainable solution that you are able to implement the best possible way. At the competition, we basically expect finished and completed projects, but in such a case, when the implementation is not possible for you, for instance because of the cost or time that your project requires, it is also possible to develop your idea in theory that you present through an example, for instance using a mock-up. Now, really nothing limits your imagination!

Scientific background

It is important that student teams implement sustainable solutions that are scientifically justified. The chosen problem can be solved in many ways at the same time. For example you can simply change attitudes (such as school students save water in the school), but a very important rule of the competition is that you also have to apply or plan at least one scientific solution into your project (for instance build a biological water purification system).

Tangible product

Try to include tangible objects, equipment or mock-ups to your sustainable solution in a creative way. A project can be much more impressive, if it exist not only on the paper in theory, but contains spectacular elements that you prepared with your own hands. It can be a variety of things such as greenhouse made of plastic bottles, selective containers made from recycled materials, or even decorations that prove your commitments towards the school’s environment.

Documentation and presentation

Submitted applications have to include the exploration of the problem, the planned solutions and the implementation. You can use subtitles or textual explanations, the only point is to present your project’s main point, the scientific background and the solution clearly.

Community impact

A really good idea activates many people. Invite as many students as you can to actively participate in the implementation of your sustainable solution. You can plant together, organize a water saving day, or other community programs. From now on, every school student should behave in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way that you need to show and describe in your project.

Important! Before you sign up, download and read the terms and conditions of the competition and the “Competition Rules and Regulations” document! Download here »

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