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Cover page | Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New generation of UV filters

New generation of UV filters

UVA radiation in the half-shadeUVA radiation in the half-shade

Sunscreen? For a long time this meant nothing more than protection against sunburn, which is caused by part of the sun's ultraviolet rays known as short-wave UVB radiation. Long-wave UVA radiation, which accounts for 90% of the UV light that reaches the earth, was always thought to be harmless. But now we know that it also affects the skin: among other things, it causes the skin to age prematurely, a process known as photoaging. The characteristic signs include wrinkle formation, decreased elasticity of the skin, pigment spots and lowering of the body's immune function. Even without sunbathing, we are exposed to UVA radiation more often than generally assumed - even under a cloudy sky, in the half-shade and behind windows.

The new generation of UV filters:

reliable all-round protection for the whole day.

UV filters are increasingly being used in daily skin care and decorative cosmetics. In these applications, special emphasis should be placed on providing reliable protection against free radicals and premature skin aging. Both are caused mainly by deeply penetrating UVA rays. To address the need of skin protection against UVA radiation, BASF has now developed a highly effective and reliable UVA filter called Uvinul® A Plus. The innovative UVA filter absorbs the incident radiation and converts it into harmless heat.

The substance is highly light-stable, which ensures long-lasting protection. BASF's all-round UV protection concept also includes physical filters which reflect the sun's rays - both long-wave UVA and short-wave UVB radiation. Miniscule particles of titanium dioxide and zinc dioxide serve as mini-mirrors.

UVA rays generate free radicals, which can cause genetic damage and lead to disturbances in the balance of cellular functions.UVA rays generate free radicals, which can cause genetic damage and lead to disturbances in the balance of cellular functions.

Either chemical or physical methods, even the best filters are unable to fully protect our skin against UV radiation. Uvinul® A Plus is able to efficiently intercept UVA radiation - thereby considerably reducing the formation of free radicals in the skin. High active anti-oxidants such as vitamin C and E deactivate free radicals, whilst active agents derived from chamomile and the provitamin B5 simultaneously exert anti-inflammatory and conditioning effects. Vitamin A restores the body's natural breakdown of connective tissue fibers, facilitates and speeds up the reproduction of cell membranes, and reduces the depth of wrinkles.

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