The following (incomplete) list of people have contributed to this project:

Hungarian Chemical Society (MKE)

  • Beáta Androsits
  • Attila Kovács
  • Péter Mátyus

Department of Physical Chemistry and Materials Science, University of Szeged

  • Veronika Németh

BASF Hungary

  • Aliz Béldi-Betegh
  • Péter Arnold Kertész


  • Dr. Lajos Hegedűs
  • Mária Major
  • Dr. Miklósné Mihók


  • Andrea Pánczél
  • György Bacsur

Gedeon Richter

  • Zsuzsa Beke
  • Gábor Nagy


  • Gábor Pállfy


  • Henriette Homoki
  • Iván Rózsa

The source information of the chapters "Technology milestones from the chemist's view" is the electronic exhibition entitled „Technological Milestones", launched by the American Chemical Society in the USA in 2002 under Professor Attila Pavláth's presidency, and its Hungarian version forming part of chemistry teacher and chemist undergraduate Nóra Rideg's 2007 MA thesis. Her consultant was Lecturer Veronika Németh.